AD #1650 – CARB Eases ZEV Mandate, Google Logs More AV Miles, Crazy Fast New Lotus

published 3 years ago by John McElroy

- CARB Eases ZEV Mandate for Some - Google Logs More Autonomous Miles - New Search Engine for New and Used Cars - Kia Reveals Updated cee’d - Fastest and Most Expensive Lotus Ever - Lotus Relocates U.S. Headquarters - Experts Talk Autonomous Liability Issues

On today's show what regulators have to say about liability issues with self driving cars carb eases zev mandates for midsize car companies and lotus reveals the fastest and most expensive rokahr it's ever had all that and more coming right up on auto Lang daily. This is not a line daily for June 26 of 2015. The California air resources board more commonly called card has a long history of trying to force the auto industry to build greener cars only to back off when consumers don't buy enough of them and now it's happened again. Up to now only the biggest full line manufacturers have been forced to sell 0 emission vehicles in California then midsize car companies where are supposed to follow. But I ...

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