ScienceCast 185: The Good, the Bad, and the Algae

published 5 years ago

Good the bad. And the whole G.. Presented by science at NASA. How's your complicated. The little plants can be both good and bad. Single celled algae called phytoplankton or a mean source of food for fish and other aquatic life and account for half of the photosynthetic activity on earth. It's good. But certain varieties such as some cyanobacteria produce toxins that can harm humans fish and other animals. Under certain conditions algae populations can grow explosively. A spectacle known as an algal bloom which can cover hundreds of square kilometers. For example in August 2014 I cyanobacteria outbreak in Lake Erie prompted Toledo Ohio officials to ban the use of drinking water supply to more than 400000 residents. In the United States alone freshwater degradation from bad algae because ...

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