Exciting Updates from SDPA President Vicki Roberts, PA-C

published 5 years ago by dermcast.tv

Dermcast interviewed Vicki Roberts, MPAS, PA-C, at the 2014 Fall Conference in San Diego. Roberts is the SDPA President and shared some of the goals for her term including branding the “PA” title, and exciting changes for Dermcast.tv website.

Millie said Dan Cascadia us and today we have Vicky Roberts the STP a president in the studio with us thanks for being here Vicki hi and thanks for having me so tell me a little bit about your goals for this term as the SDP president well I would say one of the main goals that I have is to really incorporate the brand of PA the AP a set forth with the house of delegates to brand the letters PA and avoid those words physician assistant where it can be very confusing to. So whether it's in journals are on the websites everything that we're gonna try to do is just brand and especially in the role of dermatology other things that we have going on that I think are interesting is you really want to post more of our website usage with our social media and getting our members to connect with one another we're also trying to reformat during cast TV so they can have a professional component like it always has but now adding a consumer slash patient come ...

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