AD #1643 – Buick Cascada Details, Fisker Mounts A Comeback, JLR Wants to Read Your Mind

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- GM Finds New Life for Volt Batteries - Fisker Mounts A Comeback - Kirk Kerkorian Passes Away - Toyota Conducts i-Road Trials - Buick Reveals New Cascada Details - JLR Wants to Read Your Mind - Remanufactured Parts Bill Proposed

I'm today shelf Fisker is making a comeback GM finds a unique way to use volt batteries and jaguar Land Rover can read your mind all that and more coming right up on our line daily. This is out of line daily for June 17 of 2015. Yesterday we reported how Nissan is using old leaf batteries and stationery storage devices and now GM is doing the same. The auto maker is using 5 used first Gen volt batteries mounted in parallel to help keep the lights on at the data center on the Milford proving grounds in Michigan if needed the batteries are able to provide the building up to 4:00 hours a backup power along with solar panels and to wind turbines the entire system is capable of generating enough energy annually to power 12 ...

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