AD #1642 – Honda Drops Green Cars, GM Teams Back Up w/ Isuzu, Used EV Batteries Get 2nd-Life

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda Drops Green Cars From Lineup - GM Teams Back Up With Isuzu - Used LEAF Batteries Get 2nd-Life - Car Sales Slow in Europe - NHTSA Underfunded - JLR’s New Smartphone Tech - Toyota Gets Kids Interested in Cars

I'm today show how medium duty trucks will help GM sell more light duty trucks and vans Honda drops a number of green cards from its lineup in jail are lets you control your car with a smartphone all that more coming right up on online daily. Nnsl nnsl this is not a line daily for June 16 of 2015. Cheap gasoline prices are wreaking havoc with green car sales Honda announced yesterday that it's dropping the civic hybrid this CNG civic and the plugin version of the accord sales have been miserable so far this year Honda sold just over 2000 of the 3 models combined. It's not as if time is giving up on green cars though next year it will come out with a hydrogen fuel cell car and it will have a battery electric ...

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