You Are Not A Statistic | Ep. 36

published 4 years ago by Bill Baren, Business Transformation Provocateur | In the spirit of Seth Godin, Eben Pagan, Derek Halpern, Ali Brown, Marie Forleo, and an alternative to Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Brendon Burchard, and John Lee Dumas

Would you like to know something all rock star entrepreneurs have in common? They don’t believe every statistic they hear. I’m talking about those really discouraging numbers we’re always hearing, like “two out of three business fail in the first five years” and “only 6% of small business owners make over six figures.” This kind of bad news can tempt you to put your dreams back on the shelf and just go get a job. STOP, DON’T DO THAT! You were put on this earth to forge your own path and to achieve great things. You are not here to be a statistic. Sure, listening to the numbers may seem reasonable. But today, you’re going to find out why following your heart—not numbers—is the most reasonable thing you can do. Get our awesome YES MAP, the proven blueprint we created to help you turn conversations with potential clients into awesome high-paying clients here -->

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