Wool n' Spinning Episode 75: Bast fibres and Socks

published 2 years ago by Rachel Smith

Thank you for tuning in this week! I am back from a whirlwind week at ANWG in Victoria, BC. We camped while at the conference and I had the chance to take a 3-day intensive workshop on Ancient Fibres, which focused on the bast fibres. We spun a variety of fibres and I share some of what I bought in the marketplace at the festival. It was a great weekend, although it left us all tired and drained – time for some rest! Thank you to returning viewers and Patreon subscribers of the show – you keep the show on the air month after month. This week, I share my finished handspun socks with you, as well as some new socks I’ve cast on. I don’t have any of the bobbins handy that I’ve been working on but I will have them for the Live Streaming next show. Enjoy the show!

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