AD #1636 – Volvo Life Paint, Autonomy May Fuel Sprawl, Buick’s New Design Director

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Volvo Lights Up Your Life - Autonomy Could Lead to Sprawl - Congress Considers V2I - Sales Momentum to Keep Rolling - New Role at GM for Bryan Nesbitt - Ford Explorer’s Global Reach

On today's show bicycles and pedestrians that glow in the dark autonomous cars could lead to a lot more sprawl and the new Ford explorer goes global all that and more coming right up outline daily. This is not a line daily for June 8 of 2015 Volvo has 1 of the best safety reputations in the business and while it has pioneered all kinds of safety systems on cars its latest innovation applies to bicycles and pedestrians. It's offering a spray paint what it calls life paved that can be sprayed on clothing or objects. While it's invisible in daylight it shows up super bright in the glare of automotive headlights. And it will wash off it does not stain or discolor anything it last ...

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