Ronnie Flathers, Uptake Technologies - Paul's Security Weekly #562

published 2 years ago by Security Weekly

Ronnie Flathers is an experienced pentester and security consultant who is equally addicted to both netsec and appsec and splits his time appropriately. He currently is the AppSec Pentest Lead at Uptake. Ronnie joins Paul and the crew this week for an interview! Full Show Notes: Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Visit our website: Follow us on Twitter:

This week we've got a fantastic show lined up for you of course Ronnie flat others from uptake technologies will be coming on the show to talk about some active directory hacking and such which will be awesome let's see after that Chris LG LG LG LG. Chris Chris and we are coming on the show Willie's estimates for the 40 minutes pretty easy christen here coming on the show there in the Massachusetts Army National Guard and they are conducting some cyber exercise is not like those kind of exercise but cyber exercises and they'll be coming on to talk about that in the V. security news for this week. Get has a big vulnerability there is. Is the. Irony of companies to conduct surveys which will be very interesting ...

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