Pristine reef in 4K

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Filming in 4K, cameraman Stewart Whitfield takes us on a wall dive at Sogod Bay in southern Philippines. The beauty of this dive lies in the incredible quality of the reef and the extraordinary details and colours this camera can capture. Look out for damselfish, masked porcupine pufferfish, a magnificently camouflaged spiny devilfish and even some soft corals filmed in high speed.

For this week's episode of wild notions I've traveled to an area called the so called faith and it's in the south of the Philippines on an island called late today. Beautiful part of the Philippines are going to say. And the diving there sensational allot of the film. Being damaged by it on my fish. And the last couple decades. This area is untouched. And you can see here. The quality of the reef. So the wall dive was my first off. And I just start off by filming these guys everyone knows them more shuttles. Looks a damsel fish in bass let's all over the reef. This is ...

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