Santa Barbara oil spill, gators gone wild & the Corey Knowlton controversy

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Corey Knowlton fulfills his controvercial mission to hunt an endangered black rhino, offiicials work to clean up an oil spill in California, a driver learns the hard way why you shoudn't mess with alligators, and what is kiling thousands of saiga antelope in kazakhstan? Find out now, In your weekly recap of wildlife news!

A on 2 minute round an update on the Santa Barbara oil spill Corey knowns controversial Randall hunt the mysterious and above die out in Kazakhstan NY harassing alligators is a bad idea starting in Africa where despite fierce and widespread criticism numerous petitions a lawsuit and even death threats Texas hunter Corey knowns mission to hunt up black rhino in Namibia is complete news of the trophy hunt immediately sparked strong reactions online from all sides of the debate speaking of rhinos conservation organization rhinos without borders has successfully relocated 10 rhinos from poaching played South Africa to Botswana vice is thought to be one of the safest countries for rhinos in the team hopes to move another 90 this year over to California where authorities have intensified the response to the Santa Barbara oil spill roughly 20000 gallons of crude oil leak in the Pacific Ocean and marine life is pain the price the federal government officially ordered ...

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