Reigning In Blood | Unfilter 145

published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The media is sure the “strategy” against ISIS has failed & the time has come for boots on the ground in Iraq again, but the real game is a much longer player & the intention is to sell the American public on arming more militants. We’ll break it down. The Senate fails to reform NSA spying & the Patriot Act is set to expire this Sunday. We’ll explain where things are at & why regardless of anything, the larger transgressions by the NSA are being left untouched & more!

This is unfiltered episode 145 for 5/27/2015 White House still insist that no new strategies David says the president's policies have been a success. It's just it's incredible. Things need to change view in Congress appear willing to take ownership of the war 9 months into the battle Congress has yet to authorize the use of force against ISIS. Welcome to unfiltered jeweler broadcasting's weekly show this distracting you from all of that TV you should be watching my name is Chris and joining me every single week is always excellent. Mr chase and curl so look on. What word is all ...

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