ScienceCast 183: Handprints on Hubble

published 5 years ago

The imprints on Hubble. Presented by science at NASA. It's funny the things you notice hanging upside down in space. Astronaut drunk Rumsfeld remembers a quirky discovery back in 1999. You just arrived at the Hubble Space Telescope inclined out of the airlock of shuttle discovery to begin a servicing mission. Clinging to a hand rail running down the side of Hubble's gleaming exterior. He ran his eyes over the blue planet 350 miles below intranet to think too hard about the yawning starry expanse behind him. The astronaut Hubble and discovery connected together raced around earth at 17000 miles per hour. That's when he noticed the hand prints. Hubble having been designed to be. Human service means as handrails places for people to crawl around. Thank. Human scale latches ...

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