Spider rain, deep-sea discoveries & a titanium turtle beak

published 3 years ago by Earth Touch

Australia is blanketed in spiders, a selfie-induced accident at Yellowstone, a turtle in Turkey gets a 3D printed beak, some deep-sea discoveries in Puerto Rico & Mary Lee the great white shark heads for New York. It's all coming up in your weekly blast of nature news!

Next week's episode we dug into Porter Rico's deep sea a Turkish girl gets a 3 D. printed John the world's first warm blooded fish in an update on the woodpecker writing weasel starting in Wyoming or a 16 year old girl was gored by a bison in Yellowstone National Park the exchange student made the life threatening mistake of turning her back on the large animal while trying to take a selfie. Staying in the states scientists in Washington are working to save the greater sage grouse the strange birds famous for their straining behavior have declined by half in the past 10 years mostly because of the growing wheat industry which takes up precious habitat. From one big to another endangered loggerhead turtle in Turkey has been given a second chance at life thanks to 3 D. printing. Turtles big crucial for. Kodak. The titanium. To release certain ...

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