Intraoperative TEE of the Month - June 2015

published 4 years ago by Ed Nemergut and Robert Thiele (presented by the IARS)

Aortic coarctation

This is doctor Julie health Meyer with our open the anesthesia intra operative T. E. case of the month for June 2015. Each month we feature an operative case which teachers are emphasizes an important aspect of basic and drop it T. E.. Our patient this month as a young adult man who was a diagnosed 6 years previously with uncontrolled hypertension and heart murmur but no other work up was done at that time. He has been in his usual state of health able to perform his normal construction work but as noted increasing symptoms with exertion including shortness of breath. Claudication pre syncope and palpitations. Primary care doctor did a work up for uncontrolled hypertension fatigue and he was found to have Cork teaching of the aorta. His trance arrest gecko critique Graham showed normal life left and right ventricular function with normal valvular structure and function ...

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