The Bin Laden Files | Unfilter 144

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

The Pentagon has released 100s of files from the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound & we dig through some of the more interesting items. As we record Rand Paul has launched another filibuster -- this time over the National Security Agency's controversial bulk collection program, we check in on his status. Plus a follow up to recent dramatic developments in Libya, Iraq & more.

Hello I'm filter audience so we're gonna do a special unfiltered supporter show today that's available for everybody it's. It's kind of a weird situation this week I've had a few technical issues in studio which you're mostly worked out actually which is really great. Because I was getting sick and tired. Sick and tired of that. But. Then of course. There's another show I'm down another computer. And that well. Yeah. Guess what I am only able to produce one version of the on filter show today and got a request for the support of the so much to cover one but when out for the general audience too so general audience think of this as a little preview of what and I'm filter supporter show would be like. If you were to become a patron over slash on filter and we do need more of you guys are trying to expand the production of the show. So today I have a lot of things to cover when we get into the main show that's really will get into the meat of stuff today but the US. Supporters showed ...

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