AD #1620 – Jeep Heading Upscale, Volvo Prices All-New XC90, VW’s Hot Hatch Concept

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- Honda Expands Airbag Recall - Renault Posts Strong 2014 Results - Jeep Heading Upscale - Volvo Announces All-New XC90 Prices - Auto Brakes Help Put Stop to Crashes - VW’s Hot Hatch Concept - Become a Marketing Genius

I'm today shell jeep has plans to go after Land Rover Volvo put a price tag on the all new XC 90 and Volkswagen reveals a sleek looking hatch concept. All that more coming right up on our line daily. This is out of line daily for me 14 of 2015. Yesterday both Toyota and Nissan announced their recalling an additional 6.5000000 vehicles related to toccatas faulty airbags. And now Honda's tacking on another 5000000 vehicles to that list. Honda has been the hardest hit auto maker over the defective airbags it's had to call back nearly 20000000 vehicles globally. Altogether automakers have recalled close to 36000000 vehicles over this issue ...

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