AD #1616 – Toyota Posts Big Gains, Design Trend Challenges, MINI Introduces New JCW Model

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Toyota Posts Big Gains - Top 10 Jobs Of 2025 - MINI Introduces New JCW Model - SEAT Reveals New Ibiza - Design Trend Challenges

On today's show GM predicts will be the top 10 jobs in 10 years. Her to post impressive financial earnings and the challenge designer say speaking of future styling trends. All that more coming up right now on our online daily. This of online daily for 5/8/2050. I'm Christy swine's Burke from ward's auto sitting in today now of news on a big event coming up toward the end of today's show so stay tuned for that right now here's today's news. Toyota posted its full your financial earnings and the results are pretty impressive. The company sales were up slightly compared to the previous year being 10.1000000 units clean it's I hot suing Hino subsidiaries. Despite the modest sales gains the company's revenues came in at $248000000000. 6 percent from a year ago ...

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