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published 5 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Home grown terrorists strike in Texas, and “ISIS” is claiming responsibility. We break this story down and poke at the obvious & rather subtle flaws. Plus a Stingray breakthrough, the NSA’s Big Data problem, a look at the unlikeliest for 2016 & much more!

This is unfiltered episode 142 for 5/6/2015 writing new threat from ISIS to this morning the terror group promising new attacks in the U. S. in the next 6 months and it's even naming specific locations what's bringing out former navy seal team 6 member rob o'neill the man who shot bin laden and a fox news contributor rob your reaction to the fact that they say they have 71 train soldiers in 15 different states. More Brian thanks for having me the reaction I have to that is the drug telling the truth. Hello everybody welcome to. Great my. Other edition. Show about the. News that. He watched ...

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