AD #1614 – New Shelby GT350 Details, Synthetic Superior to Leather?, BMW Posts Q1 Earnings

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- BMW Posts Strong Q1 Earnings - Freightliner Tests Autonomous Truck - Synthetic Superior to Leather? - Why JLR Avoids India Import Tariff - New Shelby GT350 Details

On today's show Freightliner becomes the first a pilot and Antanas truck on the highway BMW has an impressive first quarter and new details about the Mustang GT 350. All that and more coming right up on auto line daily. This is not a line daily for may 6 of 2015. BMW posted its financial earnings for the first quarter and the results are pretty impressive. The company sold over 526000 automobiles in the first quarter which is a gain of 8 percent compared to a year ago that boost in sales help push its revenue up nearly 15 percent. 23.$5000000000. Earnings before interest and taxes hit 2.8000000000 a gain of 20 percent. And the ...

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