The perfect high street

published 3 years ago by Monocle

High streets around the world are increasingly imperilled by the threat of online retailers and click-and-buy commerce. Ahead of our talk on the topic at Monocle's inaugural conference in Lisbon we devised a few simple fixes that urban planners should heed to keep bricks-and-mortar shops honest and interesting.

Although imperiled by the threat of online competitors High Street the hubs around which communities can be built and strengthened. Their intensity fixes we temperament to brighten up my street's future. Embrace traffic rather than shutting it. Because bikes and pedestrian. Can get by together. Peace to preserve the paper. Come from. Diverse cities can. Hi street. Offerings fresh. Competitive planners need to build smarter spices and entice on. Openers with reason. Differing architectural styles should be promoted aging impacts into a texture and the interplay of differing styles adds light and shade. Shops are embassy. Good service knowledgeable staff and a heartfelt smile ...

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