AD #1606 – BMW to Use Toyota Fuel Cell, Hyperloop vs. Autonomous Cars, Ford Lays Off Workers

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- BMW to Use Toyota Fuel Cell - Ford Lays Off Workers - Portable Nav with Driver Alerts - Hyperloop vs. Autonomous Cars - Where Is All The Cellulosic Ethanol?

I did a show why cellulosic ethanol isn't being produced in large amounts BMW's new high 5 will be powered by a fuel cell and weak small car sales force for to lay off workers all that and more coming right up front online daily. This is All I daily for 4/24/2015. Underwater from ward's auto sitting in today and I'll have news on a big event coming up towards the end of today show so stay tuned for that. But right now here's today's news. You may have heard rumors of a sedan being added to the BMW eyeliner most likely call the I 5. I yesterday's online after hours guest sandy my rule of Monroe and associates gave those rumors more credibility. While some of speculated the car would have a plug in hybrid powertrain ...

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