Sea lion kidnapping, Kermit the frog & hippo poop power

published 4 years ago by Earth Touch

Police on the hunt for a kidnapped sea lion, why hippo poop powers African ecosystems, the biggest ivory seizure in Thailand’s history and – holy muppets! – Kermit the frog is real! Get these stories and more in this week's recap of nature news!

This week's episode LAPD searches for a kidnapped seal and pop the biggest ivory seizure in Thailand's history in a Mason will encounter California and holy Muppets Kermit the frog is real started in Thailand where officials have sees the biggest fall of illegal ivory in the country's history the lot ways in an astounding 4 times and is worth over $6000000 conservationists hope this is the start of tougher crackdowns in the future over to the states or U. S. District Court judge David Campbell ruled against a 2013 boss you that stop uranium mining in the Grand Canyon local native American tribe leaders who consider this land sacred will meet in the coming weeks to determine if they will appeal the judge's decision. In west where police in California are searching for a seal and thought that was stolen from a state beach earlier this week 4 suspects were. Prison ...

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