AD #1604 – Fiat Catches Up To MINI, EV Sales Drained By SUVs, R-Class Production Starts

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- Hybrid and EV Sales Drained By SUVs - EVs Maintain Global Growth - Fiat Catching Up To MINI - AM General Begins R-Class Production - Suppliers Venture into New Territory - You Said It!

On today's show although this wasn't suppose to happen people are trading in their hybrids for SUVs fiat is catching up to Minnie and automotive suppliers venture into areas where we have never seen them before all that and more coming right up on online daily. This is online daily for April 22 of 2015. Edmunds reports that 22 percent of people who traded in their hybrids and E. vis this year swapped up. For an SUV. 3 years ago when gasoline prices were closer to $4 a gallon nationwide that number was only 12 percent. Overall only 45 percent of hybrid and easy owners adapted and alternative fuel vehicles during ...

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