Diabetes Complications with Dr. Villafuerte

published 4 years ago by UofL Internal Medicine Department Faculty and Guest Lecturers

In this lecture Dr. Villafuerte speaks from experience and research on the myriad complications that can occur with diabetes. Dr. Betty Villafuerte is an Associate Professor at the University of Louisville. Her clinical interests are obesity, diabetes, and hypoglycemia.

From Movil lectures.org welcome to the internal medicine lecture series. Yeah very broad subject so I'm going to leave it who what you need to know and incurred. No that month that me complications of diabetes microvascular IPC's. About 70 percent own nightmare. Patients will die from idea the cease and about 60 percent will die I think consequence of stroke. Somebody 85 person off mid that's from diabetes is cardiovascular indeed yeah alright. And I have a diabetic patients who had to perform pints higher incidence of idea the seas compared to non diabetic. And stroke is offered through the park I ...

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