Civil Disobedience

published 6 years ago by BBC Radio

A just society has fair laws. But most societies aren’t like that. So what can you do? Narrated by Stephen Fry.

Just society has failed lords. But most societies aren't like that. So what can you do. The opponent of slavery Henry David sorrow gave one on Sir in his essay on civil disobedience. Follow your conscience and breaks the law on moral grounds. Rather than be a cog in the unjust system. As he put it. Let your life be have come to friction. To stop the machine. Influenced by sorrow Mahatma Gandhi championed nonviolent civil disobedience or satyagraha in his campaign for Indian independence. In 1930 he organized a long March to the sea. By picking up a few crystals of soap from the mud he defied a British law forbidding Indians for ...

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