AD #1594 – Ford Moves To #4 in China, Autonomous Le Mans Racecar, Big Money Buys Autos

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Ford Moves To #4 in China - GM and SAIC Form New Insurance JV - Big Money Buys Autos - Autonomous Le Mans Racecar - Big Ol’ HondaJet Airliner - Bentley’s Copycat Backlash - UAW-Ford Art

On today's show Ford moves up the sales chart in China this autonomous car is being designed to raise at the 2004 hours of Le Monde. Copycat designs come back to haunt them only all that and more coming right up on out align daily. There's there's online daily for April 8 of 2015. Ford sales in the U. S. are somewhat lackluster but the red hot in China in the first quarter Ford sold just under 300000 vehicles a gain of over 9 percent Bloomberg reports that pushed for it ahead of Hyundai. Become the fourth largest auto maker in the country behind VW GM and Nissan. And with the company just opening a new plant in China and plans to upgrade another ...

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