Nuke Penetration Testing | Unfilter 139

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Up against the clock six world powers are attempting to secure a historic deal with Iran. Whats this deal exactly about & what is at stake? Is there really a last minute big issue holding everything up? We’ll break it all down. Plus Obama’s executive action against cyber attacks & we dig deep into the government corruption file this week.

This is unfiltered episode 139 for 4/1/2015. Nnova raking tonight new details on negotiations with Iran president Obama wrapping up a national security meeting just moments ago to get updates on the talks as reports show that the deal outline may be taking shape all this after the state department confirms that talks will go past tonight's deadline. Everyone and. Welcome to unfiltered Jupiter broadcasting's weekly show this distracting you from all of that news you. Shouldn't be watching my name is Chris and my name is chase Hey buddy Amy I'm Feelin I feel a little you know for this up so if ...

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