Aristotle on 'Flourishing'

published 6 years ago by BBC Radio

How to live a good life? Aristotle’s answer was live virtuously: do what a virtuous person would do.

N't. How to live a good life. That's the basic philosophical question. Aristotle's on Sir was live virtuosity. Do what of virtuous person would do. And that will make you happy. Well not exactly happy but you deem. You D. Monia sometimes translated as flourishing is what we all walked. It's the one thing people seek for its own sake. You did Monia isn't a matter of one or 2 moments of bliss. As Aristotle put it one swallow doesn't make a summer. It's the result of a successful life lived well. Together with a bit of good luck. In his nica McKeon ethics. Basically a early self help book. He explained how to flourish by cultivating the virtues. Every virtue is a disk ...

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