Lunch Lady Lockdown | TechSNAP 207

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Reverse Engineering Incentives to Improve Security. New Jersey school district computers held for ransom & the flash bug that lives on from 2011 with a twist! Plus some great networking questions, drone powered Internet & more!

Fineness NQA me up on this week's episode attacks not reverse engineering incentives to improve security the New Jersey school districts computers were held ransom and the flash bug that's been around since 2011 with a new twist plus some great security and networking questions drone powered internet and much much more all in this week's episode of techno. Everyone and welcome to text of this episode 207 of you but I guess he's weekly systems network administration podcast within the Seveso live on 3/26/2015 this episode brought to our 3 find sponsors DigitalOcean Tang and I existed to tell you more about those great sponsors as this here show goes. Well our live stream why that's powered by the incredible scale engine. Over at scale should probably go to. My name is Chris and join us every single week as our host the admin the tech ...

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