AD #1584 – Italian Companies Are Hot Targets, Patent Lawsuits Exploding, All-New 2016 Jag XF

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Italian Companies Are Hot Targets - Number of Patent Lawsuits Exploding - Virtual Keys Coming to Fleet Operators - Jaguar Shows New XF, We Think - Is the UAW Willing to Give or Just Take?

On today's show lawsuits from patent trolls against automakers have exploded you're not gonna believe who wants to buy pendant for re not and why the UAW better be ready to do some serious horse trading all that and more coming right up on Ottoline daily. This is online daily for March 25 of 2015. Kevin Farina may be the best known independent design firm in the world and all you to follow so you know that pendant for re not is something of a design factory for Ferrari. But now Bloomberg reports that Indian auto maker Mahindra. It's close to body a pen and Farina. No other details are known at this point but the new scent pendant Farina shares up. Percent. Italian companies are ...

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