AD #1583 – Labor Cost Ranks, Ford Edge Going Global, High Speed 3D Printing

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Labor Cost Ranks - Ford Expands in China - Uber Cars Outnumber Taxis in NYC - High Speed 3D Printing - Ford Edge Going Global

I am today show most the transplants still have a labor cost advantage over GM Ford and FC 883 D. printer company has come up with an amazing breakthrough and New York City now has more uber cars that yellow cabs all that and more coming right up on out align daily. This is online daily for March 24 of 2015. The center for automotive research in Ann Arbor Michigan came out with a very interesting labor cost comparison for the auto makers in the United States turns out the Mercedes plant in Alabama which is not unionized has the highest labor costs in the country at. The $5 an hour. GM and Ford are clumped close together are at ...

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