AD #1581 – Jeep’s Cool Retro Concepts, Beware of Ransomware, Used Car Prices Unlikely to Drop

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Tesla Adds Automated Steering - Beware Of “Ransomware” - TowerSec Finds Investor - The Coolest of Jeep’s Moab Concepts - Glow in the Dark LEAF - Used Car Prices Unlikely To Drop

I'm today show used car prices aren't likely to drop any time soon jeep shows off some are some retro concepts and how hackers me one day hold your car ransom all that more coming right up on online daily. While TGIF everyone this is out of line daily for 3/20/2015. In the past Eli mosque has talked about adding autonomous technology to Tesla vehicles and yesterday the company took a step toward making that a reality. The C. E. O. side it will roll out an automatic steering feature for the model last in 3 months. It's not just for new ones existing models will get the future through a software update. The technology will only work when driving on the highway ...

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