AD #1574 – VW Golf Sportwagen Impressions, Buffett Blasts GM, Dealerships vs. Retailers

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Buffett Blasts GM - Hyundai Partners with RE/MAX - Hyundai Plans New U.S. Plant - Harman’s Innovative Car Noise Canceling System - 1964 ½ Mustang Brought To 2015 ½ Standards - VW Golf Sportwagen Impressions - You Said It!

On today's show Warren Buffett disagrees with GM short term thinking technology that lets everyone in the car set the volume where they want it and Volkswagen tries to sell wagons in the American market again. And all that and more is coming right up. Online daily. Misses out on daily for March 11 of 2015. Did you hear what billionaire investor Warren Buffett said about GM caving in to those for wallstreet investment funds they got the company to buy back shares and give more cash to shareholders. In a March 2 interview on CNBC buffet says and I quote here the fault only disagrees. Trying to get a short term increase in the stock price. Too bad the GM board did not ...

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