AD #1573 – Cars That Fix Themselves, Honda’s Wild Aero Package, BRZ and FR-S Sales Fizzle

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- China’s MSRP Envy - TrueCar Sued for Unfair Competition - Should “Dealers” be “Retailers”? - Lambo Accelerates Sales - Honda’s IndyCar Wings It - BRZ and FR-S Fizzle Out - Car Components with Modems

On today's show coming soon cars that can fix them selves Honda's indycar wings look like they came off a Fokker triplane. Sales of the FRS and BRZ. Starting to fizzle out. All that and more coming right up on online daily. With a vital and daily for March 10 of 2015. Even though the Chinese car market is now the biggest in the world it's not the richest at least not yet. Last year 19.7000000 new vehicles were sold in China. Generating $410000000000 in sales but in the U. S. market 16.5000000 new cars were sold but they generated $571000000000. 6. The one ...

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