AD #1570 – BMW i3 Passes Model S, Chevy Teases Malibu, Ford ST Products Attract Millennials

published 5 years ago by John McElroy

- BMW i3 Overtakes Model S In February - Porsche Introduces 911 GT3 RS - Ford Attracts Millennials with Performance - NanoSteel Starts 3D Printing Metal - Chevy Teases New Malibu - A Dive Into Jeep’s TrailRated Hardware

On today's show Chevy teases the new Malibu the BMW I. 3 passes the Tesla model S. in February and Ford is attracting millennials with performance cars. All that more coming right up an online daily. This is not a line daily for March 5 of 2015. Electric vehicle sales continue to grow in the U. S.. According to ward's automate or sold 4400 E. views last month an increase of 45 percent compared to a year ago but that big growth was mostly thanks to the BMW I. 3 which wasn't on sale at this time last year. However the big news is that the model outsold its luxury rival the model last. Tesla still holds the overall sales lead in 2015 ...

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