AD #1568 – Volkswagen Spends Big on R and D, More Ford GT Details, Bentley Breaks Its Mold

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- The Confidence of AWD - VW Spends Big on R and D - VW’s 4-Door Coupe - Infiniti Shows All of QX30 - Nissan’s Future Euro Hatch - Range Rover Cuts Top Off Evoque - More Ford GT Details - Bentley Breaks Its Mold - Lexus Reveals Funky Ultra-Compact Car

On today's show Land Rover cuts off the top of the invoke the W. out spends every company in are indeed and more details about the new Ford GT all that and more coming right up on online daily. This is not a 1 daily for March 3 of 2015. Well that FDA's winter drive about we learned all about things like active transfer cases with front axle disconnects and electronic limited slip differentials. But after getting some time out on a snow and ice cover course I can't really say it systems are any better than other automakers. One thing it did drive home is that all wheel and 4 wheel drive instill a lot of confidence in the ability to make the maneuver you were planning on making. Even during poor conditions. And that's not ...

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