AD #2362 – Anheuser Wants Hydrogen Network, Uber At Fault for Fatal Accident, How GM Balances Its Scale

published 1 year ago by John McElroy

- Uber At Fault for Fatal Autonomous Accident - BMW and MIT Create Printed Inflatable Materials - Hydrogen Network for Fuel Cell Semi Trucks - Nikola Taps Bosch for Fuel Cell Development - Mercedes Expands E-Class Family - How GM Balances Its Scale

On today's show the NTSB says Hoover is at fault in the fatal accident involving one of its self driving cars Anheuser Busch is setting up a hydrogen infrastructure to help fuel cell semis transported spear and BMW and MIT create inflatable materials that can be 3 D. printed on that mark coming right up in 19. This is not online daily they show for enthusiasts of the automotive industry. The national transportation safety board has released its preliminary findings into the fatal crash involving an over at Thomas test vehicle in Arizona the autonomous system installed by. Registered the pedestrian 6 seconds before impact while it was traveling a little over 40 miles an hour that should have been more than enough time to stop but the system never engage the brakes ...

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