SCALE13x: Linux Action Show From the Floor

published 6 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Raw from our Sunday SCALE13x extravaganza. The video starts a bit slow, but after a bit it’s a full on event. Interviews, gadgets, discussion, and floor coverage. Enjoy every unedited, and unscripted moment!

Well no it's just that the I don't think they let people in here till 10 co I was gonna know we can just hang out you and I would just hang out for a little bit so we'll have to that will be a party tell me about where you are in are you if you've been to both right now so I will so we have we have so you're but you might might be up a little bit you know how that also audio does that yeah yeah that was I think I Maximo volume. It totally to the US innocent you sound way better ready yeah now yeah I like that heads a lot is that who is that I have who makes that had said no. That is made by audio Technica yeah I thought so thought so. Still it's gonna get that. Yeah it is the it is the P. P. H. one broadcasting had said. Yeah look like a sports broadcaster right now. Chris so to tell you right here for the floor this is an amazing conference we have many things going down to pick up about you behind me they are the lead players today Hey how many gigs would you say that footages would you say it's less than 13. feet. Every ...

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