AD #1560 – Apple Poaching EV Workers, New Autonomous Vehicle, Infiniti Shows QX30 Concept

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Apple Poaching People for Its EV - Peugeot Updates B-Segment 208 - Rinspeed Introduces Its Budii - How to Overcome Cyber Security Issues - Infiniti’s QX30 Concept - You Said It!

On today's show how the auto industry can fight back against hackers written speed shows its vision for an autonomous car and infinity reveals a new cross over all that and more coming right up. Modeling daily. With ongoing daily for February 19 of 2015. In Silicon Valley people will walk across the street this afternoon to take a new job but if 1 company start tiring too many people away from another company that is called poaching and that is not legal apple has been hiring away people from car companies to develop an electric car and now comes word that lithium ion battery maker A. 123 is sewing apple for poaching 5 of its ...

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