How Maple Syrup Is Made - GardenFork.TV

published 5 years ago by Eric Rochow

Learn how maple syrup is made in a friend's sugar shack. Get our weekly email: Support GardenFork when shopping on Amazon, start here:

Today a garden fork learn how to make maple syrup stay tuned. Here we are we're at my friend bill's sugar shack this is a really really fun place to be and and bill is one of the first people I met when I moved to this town. He's got one of the biggest hearts in the world and I've been asking him for a while now if I could come interview him Macon syrup and I think you really like this right. It's got. Close battle get to warm up. Thing I like about it. So that. That's that looks a little yellow card is because isn't a galvanized and part of this because you're looking through cracks in ...

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