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published 5 years ago by Eric Rochow

Our first seed starting gardening video, re-edited. Learn how to start vegetable and flower seeds, part of our DIY Living series. More seed starting info here: No Knead Bread Recipe with whole wheat and steel cut oats added. More cooking and food recipes on our site: Get our weekly email: Support GardenFork when shopping on Amazon, start here: More on cast iron care & videos here:

Today a garden fork learn all about seed starting statement. N't. What you thought of that. Today we're gonna talk about starting your seeds and trade so it's a seed starting episodes we stop anyway back to starting seeds. Back to thinking. And may pay attention retention. If you need arm you need a couple things you need to grow light which we talked about how to build a grow light you could put this in the window but I just I just don't see that windows work very well because the plants get really leggy because they're trying to get to the sunlight I start everything in what I call seed starting strange. So this is your typical seed starting tray what I like about this is this is a self watering trade it has this water. Stay ...

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