Yemen has Fallen | Unfilter 131

published 4 years ago by Jupiter Broadcasting

Yemen instability reveals limits of U.S. counterterrorism strategy & the warhawks are calling for boots on the ground. We report on the entire mess. Plus the conflict in Ukraine heats back up, with leaked videos reportedly showing American’s in the field. Then the ISIS videos get debunked by a “Fox expert”, a new kind of High-Note & more!

This is unfiltered episode 131 for 1/28/2015 Richard the other news I in the Middle East today was the government of Yemen has officially fallen out of this is news for us because the rebels in charge while not enemies of the United States per se are not friends either in a region that's been a mess for some time. So right now we have 2 countries in the Arabian peninsula where their future is very uncertain in Yemen. Was surrounded by. Effective. Through in that. Or. The question is. At that now. Very cool. Pretty of with. Has been a very. . I sieve presence. Clear that the ...

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