AD #1544 – Mercedes Shifts R-Class Production, Acura Hits Milestone, Who Saves More Fuel?

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Mercedes Outsources R-Class Production - GoPro Mount Standard on New Tacoma - Plans for a New Mitsubishi Sedan Stall - Acura Hits 2 Million Milestone In U.S. - Detroit Automakers Fight Currency Manipulation - Who Saves More Fuel?

On today's show Mercedes outsources our class production Mitsubishi's plans for a new mid size sedan in the U. S. stall out and would you believe that new truck buyers are saving more fuel than someone switching from a compact to a hybrid all that more coming right up on online daily. This is out of line daily for January 28 of 2015. A I'm general is best known for its production of the hunger and the military Humvees but now it's switching to the luxury side of the business. The manufactured just signed an agreement with Mercedes Benz to produce the our class at its plant in Mishawaka Indiana B. our class was previously made at Mercedes plant in Alabama. A. M. general will hire hundreds of new workers to make the vehicle and expect ...

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