Jesús Guzmán -- Featured Student Speaker at the Goldman School of Public Policy Board of Advisors Dinner Spring 2018

published 4 days ago by UCTV

Jesús Guzmán, a second-year graduate student at UC Berkeley, talks about how growing up in California as an undocumented resident inspired him to pursue a career in public policy and social equity. Guzman was the featured student speaker at the Board of Advisors Dinner at Berkeley's Goldman School of Public Policy. Series: "The UC Public Policy Channel" [Show ID: 33621]

His you go this one is a second year MPP masters of public policy student currently completing his advanced policy analysis is APA that's basically his master's capstone project. With the Marin economic form and he's focusing on the housing shortage and income inequality boy those those are important topics I must say by the way the university is struggling with this because we have a lot of low income students in the housing problem for the students actually for the staff and for the faculty is one of the main problems that we face and actually one of the reasons that we're building our new building with residences is because it's going to help in a very small way help relieve some of the housing shortage around the ...

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