AD #1538 – Why Q1 Sales will Surge, Prodigious Patents, Lincoln’s Badge Engineering

published 6 years ago by John McElroy

- Q1 Sales: Gaze into the Crystal Ball - Prodigious Propulsion Patents - Hyundai Tests the Pickup Segment - Subaru Shuns China - Ford Throws Down the Gauntlet - JLR Bike Sense - Lincoln’s Badge Engineering

On today's show why it's easy to predict that sales will surge in the American market for the next 2 months automakers go on up patenting binge. And how Lincoln adds a new dimension to badge engineering all that and more coming right up. Adeline daily. This is online daily for January 20 of 2015. New car sales in the U. S. market are going to post big gains in the first quarter weekends safely make that prediction because a year ago severe winter weather clobbered car sales. Ward's forecast that sales will be up 8 to 10 percent. And it warns that sales of full size pickups could falter because of low inventory levels ...

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