AnimeCons TV - SacAnime Winter 2015 Report

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The winter edition of SacAnime took place last weekend and we returned to kick the year off with this Sacramento anime con.

Buy a pedophile hates him here at sac enemy of winter 2015 second me was held the first weekend of January 2015 at the Sacramento convention center right in the heart of downtown Sacramento California that some of the events were over at the Sheraton hotel across the street. And is my second year at sac anime winter they also do one in the summer on Labor Day weekend and I have been able to make it to that one because DragonCon and that's always taking precedence for me but second to intrude last year's here were thrown in Morris and we did a report and that we both have a lot of fun and this serum place so the commission because she's up to see yes. But . Yeah I had a lot of fun this weekend to ...

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