AD #1529 – GM’s Fuel Cell Draws Interest, VW Shows off New Tech, Top Selling EVs In 2014

published 4 years ago by John McElroy

- GM Fuel Cell Tech Draws Interest - Mercedes Went Down To Georgia - Hyundai Reveals HUD with AR - VW Shows off New Tech - Top Selling EVs In 2014 - 2015 Recalls Could Set Record - Lexus Unveils GS F

I'm today show a look at some cool technology from C. yes recalls in 2015 might pass last year's record setting number and could GM's fuel cell technology power something other than a car all that more coming right up on how to align daily. This is our align daily for 1/7/2015. Hyundai Toyota and Honda have all recently announced plans to sell fuel cells. Cars in. U. S.. GM is also working on the technology. It doesn't have plans as of yet to bring it to the market however that doesn't mean the company isn't bullish on fuel cells. GM's head of global product development Marc Royce tells Ottoline and I quote here at the end of the day that technology has huge let ...

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