AnimeCons TV - Ten Largest Anime Conventions of 2014

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It's time for's annual list of the ten largest anime conventions in North America in 2014. Read the full article on Subscribe to the podcast and don't miss an episode!

Pedophile hit the V. founder of any and I'm here on it because TV for the first episode of 2015 to give you the list of the 10 largest north American enemy conventions of 2014. I've done this list for over a decade now and it's always changing with different attendees attendance numbers from different conventions and we've seen some new conventions rise to the list we've seen some fall off the list in this year's no different with some different conventions on this list and is one notable convention has fallen off the list but before we get to that I would explain how will he the attendance numbers these numbers are all reported by the conventions themselves. The reports. New ways. They paid. A poll ...

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