Jeff Leicher--One Night of Pelagic Magic

published 5 years ago by DiveFilm

Bizarre and beautiful nighttime pelagic creatures. Jeff Leicher takes us on One Night of astounding Pelagic Magic black water diving off the coast of Kona, Hawaii with Jack's Diving Locker.

I've logged 15613 scuba dives. But every time I get ready to do pelagic magic. I feel like a brand new diver. I wonder if I'll see something that'll scare me. I know it's a remote possibility. I'm curious falsies something I've never seen before. I know it's quite likely. You're tethered to a boat. Drifting at night above 5000 feet of water. You're looking at strange and beautiful animals from another world. It feels more like a space walk in a scuba dive ...

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